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Territoire de Musiques is a non-profit organization which organizes the Eurockéennes festival in Belfort, located in the east of France. The Eurockéennes are an independent festival nestled on the Malsaucy peninsula , a real jewel in a protected natural area, Surrounded by two bodies of water. Created by the Departmental Council of Territory of Belfort, it welcomes each year more than 70 of musical groups and declines popular music in the plural: rock, pop, electro, reggae, song or world music.
Les Eurockéennes de Belfort labellisées ISO 20121

In July 2017, the festival was awarded ISO 20121 certification, which recognizes its responsible management system and its actions in the area of sustainable development.

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The Belfort festival is fond of promoting civic values, such as solidarity and the sense of sharing. Year after year, Territoire de Musiques’s social responsibility program: Eurocks solidaires, goes into action. Their aim is to develop access to culture for all; within a wide community that experiences the Eurocks as a musical holiday in another world. With Territoire de Musiques, all universes of popular music are explored: rock, pop, electro, reggae, French chanson or world music. Year after year, major genres can always find a friendly ear at Eurockéennes. It is true, superstars of yesterday have always had a place of honour at the festival, which, at the same time, is also particularly open to newcomers in the industry. They both are vibrant expressions of their time.

Because of the fact that we remain a non-for-profit organisation and that Eurockéennes is not an exclusive festival but a universal one, we have chosen to offer affordable prices. Indeed, you can access the festival with as little as 49€. With free bus shuttles and a free campsite (for ticket holders), attending a prestigious musical event should not be a luxury. We open our doors widely to people with disabilities. We work with specific organisations so as to welcome the disabled with dedicated spaces and quiet areas.

Because everybody’s welfare matters, we are also deeply committed to paying particular attention to the environment. The festival being nestled on that exceptionally green and divine location, we could not turn our backs on sustainability or biodiversity. The waste from the festival and the campsite is sorted and recycled, eco-mobility is improved and made easy through bicycle parks, train and bus shuttles, all free of charge. Amongst others, all of the above are ways in which we materialize our vision. Les Eurockéennes de Belfort are part of the international federation of festivals DeConcert!.


To promote a non-exclusive general festival, the association makes the choice to offer accessible rates (average ticket price € 41.65), bus shuttles, free parking and camping. With the Eurocks Solidaires label, the Belfortain festival is mobilized around four societal issues: citizenship, culture for all, the environment and prevention. In order to welcome people with disabilities, the festival improves each year its system: dedicated reception and rest areas, specialized guides, free adapted shuttles … Located on a remarkable but sensitive site, the festival remains attentive to the environment and sustainable development: waste sorting and recycling, bicycle storage, free train and bus shuttles … 500 members from 43 associations contribute to the smooth running of the festival. In exchange for this cooperation, the Eurockéennes reward the local associative fabric to the tune of 60 000 €.


Every winter, Territoire de Musiques is in charge of booking a festival in several cities of Eastern France : GéNéRiQ Festival. This is the first event through the new region Bourgogne Franche-Comté and extending until Alsace. Five festive days of sharing and discovery with the same historical partners : Les Eurockéennes de Belfort, La Vapeur, Le Noumatrouff, La Poudrière, Le Moloco and La Rodia. GéNéRiQ literally invades the cities of Dijon, Besançon, Mulhouse, Belfort and the Pays de Montbéliard in public, private, original and surprising places and touchs his inhabitants by entering directly in their daily lives. As a laboratory, this festival also allows Les Eurockéennes to test and find the artists who will count. Remember Stromae, Charlie Winston or Justice during previous editions.


The next GéNéRiQ Festival, the festival of musical tumult, will take place from February 7 to 11, 2018 between Mulhouse, Belfort, the Pays de Montbéliard, Besançon and Dijon.

DeConcert! : 28 collaborative festivals

Les Eurockéennes are members of the international festival federation DeConcert! and share the values of exchange and mutualisation of this association which she co-chairs since 2008.

The festivals members of the Federation DeConcert! :
Festival Panoramas – Sakifo Musik Festival – Les 3 éléphants – Nuits Sonores – Le Jardin Du Michel – Art Rock – Les Invites de Villeurbanne – Les Eurockéennes de Belfort – Terres du Son – Les Vieilles Charrues – Reggae Sun Ska – N.A.M.E Festival – Marsatac – Les Rockomotives – Festival GéNéRiQ – Summer Sonic – Bars en Trans – Hors Pistes – Nördik Impakt – Spot Festival – Les Nuits Botanique – Dour Festival – Paléo Festival Nyon – Sziget Festival – C/O Pop – Festival de Musique Emergente en Abitibi – Iceland Airwaves – Montreux Jazz Festival

Opération Iceberg #3

Promoted by the Eurockéennes de Belfort and the Foundation Romande pour la chanson et les musiques actuelles (FCMA) in collaboration with the partner rooms of the French-Swiss territory, this creative action aims to identify regional nuggets and chaperonner for 1 year, the time a trainer and professional trip.

Le Prodiss

The Eurockéennes are members of the national syndicate of producers, broadcasters, festivals and musical and variety show hall. Jean-Paul Roland, director of the festival, is a member of the Festival Committee and the Reflection Committee on Safety in Cultural Events.

EFFE : Europe For Festivals, Festivals For Europe

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The Eurockéennes of Belfort are labeled « Europe For Festivals, Festivals for Europe« . A label bringing together 715 European festivals labeled in 2017 including 42 French. It promotes festivals engaged in innovative projects and / or artistic creation and which register their action at territorial, national and European level.