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On the festival

Do I have to carefully keep my 4, 3 or 2 day pass during the festival ?

Your nominative pass (2, 3 or 4 days) will be exchanged by an optical reading bracelet, when you arrive at the festival or at the campsite.

Is the bracelet from my pass (4, 3 and 2 days) transferable ?

No this bracelet is associated with your nominative ticket, it is not transferable.

Can I leave and re-enter the festival on the same day?

No, a no re-entry policy is observed in the festival.

Can I go to the festival with a ticket with somebody else's name on?

It is not advisable to try to get in the festival with a ticket that has a different name than the bearer’s. Identity checks may be carried out.

What to do if I cannot make it?

The Eurockéennes offer a cancellation insurance, in place since 2014, in case of unexpected situations. More information on page E-Tickets

What can I eat on the festival site?

About 30 stalls are on-site, offering visitors a great range of culinary specialities. They’re open every day, all day long and close 30 minutes before the festival closes its doors.

I need a personal assistant, who can I contact ?

The reception of people with disabilities is carried out by the Departmental House of Disabled People, and allows festival-goers who need a personal assistant to go to the festival with their companion, without purchase of an additional ticket. To benefit from an adapted reception (parking PMR, access to raised platforms, accompaniment, etc), contact
For more information, click here.

From what age can people come to Eurockéennes ?

There is no minimum age. However, there are no facilities available for young children. Eurockéennes do not recommend bringing small children to the festival. The sound levels of some concerts could damage their sensitive ears. If you do come with children, it is advised to have them wear earmuffs or earplugs (to be found for free on site) in order to protect their eardrums.

Is there a special price for kids? If yes, below what age?

For the aforementioned reasons, there is no reduced rate for kids of any age.

Is the festival accessible for people with reduced mobility?

Yes, spaces and services have been arranged for the disabled (welcome, assistance, toilets and resting areas). More information on page Accessibility

Is there an infirmary or first-aid unit at the festival ?

A medical assistance unit, manned with doctors and nurses, and a first-aid team are on site at all times during the festival.

Are there lockers available?

Yes, lockers are available to visitors at the entrance of the festival. However, valuable objects are not accepted.

By cons, is there a deposit at the campsite ?

Yes, it is located near the reception of the campsite.

Can I buy cigarettes at the festival ?

Pursuant to decree n°2004-68 of the 16th of January 2004 and to bylaw of the 16th of January 2004, the festival is no longer allowed to sell cigarettes.

Lost property

An Information and Lost and Found stall is located on site.

Can I withdraw money from the festival site ?

Yes, the Crédit Agricole (major sponsor of the festival) provides festival-goers with money withdrawal terminals on the festival site.

How can I pay onsite ?

At Eurockéennes Festival, several payment methods are available.

All festival drink stalls are equipped with CB & contactless payment terminals. This year again, by downloading the Paylib app from your bank, pay with your smartphone *. Enjoy a booth reserved for each drink stall and save time.

VIA YOUR SMARTPHONE with PAYLIB, The official Eurockéennes mobile payment solution
Paylib, the simple, fast, secure and free mobile payment solution offered by my bank. With Paylib, no need to take out your credit card anymore, pay with confidence via your smartphone *, even beyond 20 €, at the bars and at the official shop of the festival. A queue will be specifically dedicated to PAYLIB users.

It is possible to withdraw money on the site of the festival thanks to the 3 Crédit Agricole Franche-Comté automatic ticket machines (big patron of the festival) arranged on the site.

Checks, restaurant vouchers and holiday vouchers are not accepted.


The Paylib contactless payment works only under Android TM. More information on
Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Eligibility conditions indicated on the website

Can I charge my phone at the festival?

SFR charging stations are at the guests’ disposal on site and at the campsite.

Where can I park my bike?

A secure bicycle parking station is available on site, free of charge.

Where can I park my bike ?

Free parking, guarded, open day and night and near the campsite is available to festival goers.

Is swimming allowed on the peninsula of Malsaucy?

No, all swimming is strictly forbidden during the festival.

Forbidden objects

For the comfort of all :
– the introduction of alcohol, and other containers: gourds, camelbag, full bottles etc.)
(empty plastic bottles are tolerated, water points are available to festival goers.)
– parasols
– laser pointers

For the safety of everyone :
– No dangerous objects (sharp or blunt objects, weapons, pyrotechnic articles and, in general, any object likely to present a danger to the public).
– Professional cameras and cameras are prohibited (except for those who have made a specific request in advance). Recording devices are prohibited.
– The selfie poles.
– Animals are forbidden on the festival.

Reminder of French legislation :
– French legislation prohibits all trade, consumption, and possession of illicit substances.

On the campsite


No. Camping is available at no extra cost to all ticket holders (4 or 3 day pass, weekend pass and day ticket) with camping equipment from Thursday, July 5 until Monday, July 9 at noon.

Is the campsite close to the festival site? To Belfort city center ?

The campsite is 2kms away from the festival and 7kms away from the centre of Belfort. Shuttles are available between these locations.

Do I have to book my pitch for the tent or the camper van ?

No, it is not possible to book in advance. You just have to settle where there is room, on a first come, first served basis!

Can we hire bikes on the campsite ?

There is no bicycle hire on the campsite.

Can I come with my motorhome to the Eurockéennes campsite ?

Yes, a space near the campsite is reserved for motorhome owners only.

Can I come with a caravan ?

Yes. A location is reserved for this purpose. However, the towing vehicle must park at the nearby free car park.

Can I access the motorhome area with a mattress on the back of my vehicle?

This area is reserved for the owners of motorhomes, caravans and vehicles. Editor’s Note: Laying a mattress on folded bench seats or in the back of a van / van does not correspond to a converted vehicle.

Are the water and electricity connections provided on the campsite and on the motorhome area ?

There is no possibility to connect to water and electricity on the campsite or on the camping-cars area. For reasons of safety and environmental protection, generators are not allowed.

Can I come with a sofa or other bulky object ?

No cumbersome objects are allowed on the camping site.

Can I install a tent next to my motorhome / car ?

For safety reasons, it is not possible to install a tent near vehicles. For reasons of safety and environmental protection, generators are not allowed.

Where can I park my car ?

Free parking, guarded, open day and night and near the campsite is available to festival goers.

Can I charge my phone on the campsite ?

Mobile recharge solutions are available to festival-goers at the campsite.

Are campfires and standing barbecues allowed ?

For obvious safety reasons and because the campsite is above a water table, it is forbidden to make a ground fire. However, standing barbecues with charcoal (for food use) and small gas stoves are tolerated.

Is the campsite guarded ?

Yes, the campsite is guarded 24 hours a day by security guards.

What are the forbidden objects on the campsite ?

– weapons and other explosive, flammable or volatile substances
– any dangerous object (sharp or blunt object and, in general, any object likely to serve as a projectile)
– all animals are forbidden on the campsite
– individual chemical toilets
– large bulky items are not allowed (large furniture, …)

Reminder to French legislation:
French legalization prohibits all trade, consumption, and possession of illicit substances.