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On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the festival, Movements invite choreographic art – an artistic aesthetic related with music – to invest and blossom on the Malsaucy peninsula, from the 20th  of June to the 8th of July.

17 choreographers embody dance in all its forms (classical, contemporary, duo, solo, ballet…) all the time, and all over the site. There from the set up to the 4 days of festival, dancers and choreographers invade public, private, and natural spaces, stages or backstages, reception or under construction places : each square meter occupied and expressed through dance.


These dance moments, captured by the scriptwriter and director Nicolas Habas (a coproduction with Séquence SDP) will be broadcasted – live or pre-recorded, on the festival’s giant screens.

« Mouvements » by Eric Lamoureux, VIADANSE – CCN de Belfort
© Séquence SDP

« La danse aux Eurockéennes »

17 choreographers at Malsaucy from June 20th to July 8th

Étienne Rochefort

1 des Si Company // FR

Coming from the television generation, he’s passionate about cartoons, mangas and cinema in general. This art of making someone focus through a lens, of creating a universe, a particular atmosphere is very present in his directing work, also steeped in hip hop culture.

Marie-Caroline Hominal

MadMoiselle MCH association // FR-CH

Franco-Swiss artist, his artistic practice includes text, music, dance, performance and video. Marie-Caroline Hominal is an exceptional performer who regularly develops collaborations with other artists in the experimental, minimal and interdisciplinary field.

Franck Micheletti

Kubilai Khan Investigation Company // FR

He tampers with pictures, sounds and dance to unwind a polyphonic texture where each element gets loose while finding a curious chord on a general score.

Hafiz Dhaou & Aicha M’Bareck

Chatha Company // Tunisie

The strength of their shows lies in their ability to show bodies penetrated by politics : repression, revolutionary turmoil… Spasms, convulsions : under their supervision, dancers explode onstage. Choreographic attacks.

CCN Ballet du Rhin

Mulhouse // FR

Run by Bruno Bouché since January 2016, the company has a troupe of 33 permanent artists, coming from the whole world and, apart from a strong initial academic training, they’re able to deeply grasp the most various styles.

Chloé Moglia

Cie Rhizome // FR

The aerial artist steeped in martial arts hovers in the air, with grace, and emphasis on starkness, subtraction, progressive obliteration of the effort. Then a naked presence remains, sensitive and pounding.

Jann Gallois

Burn Out Company

It didn’t take long for Jann Gallois to stand out and confirm her artistic signature by evading her hip hop family’s conventions. “Best new artist of the year” according to the German magazine Tanz. In 2016, she was an associate artist at the Théâtre National de Chaillot and also at the Maison de la Danse of Lyon.

Volmir Cordeiro


Volmir Cordeiro is a singular Brasilian artist who makes a very expressive and powerful kind of work. Halfway between performance, dance and drama.

Bouziane Boutelja

DANS6T Company// FR

Based on his basics, hip hop dance, Dans6T was enriched by some improbable encounters, on which the choreographer relied on to perfect his vocabulary and offer an opening which shamelessly shows through dance, his experiences as a vital need.

Amala Dianor

CCN Ballet du Rhin // FR

Run by Bruno Bouché since January 2016, the company has a troupe of 33 permanent artists, coming from the whole world and, apart from a strong initial academic training, they’re able to deeply grasp the most various styles.

Ambra Senatore

CCN de Nantes // FR

Her work vacillates between dance, drama and visual arts, exploring the boundaries between fiction and reality, what’s inside and outside. Ambra Senatore works on the dynamics of a danced movement fed off theatricality elements, daily gestures and actions.

Héla Fattoumi & Eric Lamoureux

VIADANSE – CCN de Belfort // FR

From one dance show to another, they tirelessly try to gauge the intelligence of the body, its ability to uncover meaning which is to be thought of as a movement. They regularly ventures out of theaters to respond in situ to other reactivity contexts.


Lorraine Nancy Ballet// FR

Run by Petter Jacobsson since July 2011, the National Choreographic Center – Lorraine Ballet is dedicated to contemporary choreographic writing. It is intended as a place of endless possibilities for research, experimentation and artistic creation thanks to its young troupe of 22 artists.

Tatiana Julien

Cie Interscribo // FR

Tatiana Julien is trying to have a fertile dialogue emerge between her writing and other arts, such as music and drama. She’s got a very unsettling presence onstage penetrated by a very unique musicality.

Julien Gallée Ferré

Orléans CCN // FR

Main performer of Maud Le Pladec’s works since the beginning. Charismatic artist, he’s a credit to the choreographer’s work.

Thierry Tieû Niang

Paris // FR

Dancer and choreographer, Thierry Thieû Niang associates with his creative projects as much artists from different disciplines than children, teenagers, seniors amateurs, prisoners or people with autism. Officer of the Order of Arts and of Letters, he is invited this season with the French Institutes in Vietnam, in Quebec and in New York.

Anne Le Batard & Jean-Antoine Bigot

Cie Ex Nihilo // FR

Ex Nihilo has made the choice, for 20 years now, to work outside: it is not a simple shift of the place of art – it is not a matter of dragging and dropping a created form outside. inside – but at the same time to experience an encounter with a space, urban or natural, and a relationship to another, passing, inhabitant or spectator.