Make America Rage Again

Who’s that ? Just almost all of Rage Against The Machine (Eurocks 2014), with the virtuoso guitarist Tom Morello among them, plus B-Real from Cypress Hill (Eurocks 199620092012) and Chuck D, Public Enemy’s legend (Eurocks 1995). This is way beyond an All-Stars band, it’s a juggernaut coming to Eurocks. Playing new tracks released this year, from their own repertoire but also all the massive hits from the three bands. Who hasn’t jumped on Killing in the name of, Bombtrack, Don’t believe the hype or Insane in the brain ?
The band which was formed during the last U.S election, has a message to send, an anger to express, and they’re willing to say it right our faces. Come and feel the heat and the rage from Los Angeles onstage.

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Friday, July 6, 2018

Style / Country

Rock / USA

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Friday, July 6th