Bigflo & Oli don’t put on the tough-guy act in order to make it in the rap game. Since their debut, these two brothers from Toulouse’s hallmark has been sincerity. These guys are for real. This all comes with a healthy dose of humor, and a love for fine words, just like with IAM (Eurocks 1994 – 2004) or Soprano. Special traits which enabled them to gain notoriety over just a few years. From the release of La cour des grands (The big leagues) in 2015 to La vraie vie (The real life) in 2017, far from the clichés, these brothers don’t cheat, and they’re ready to make Eurocks’s festival goers come together around their show fit for the big boys’ league.

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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Style / Country

Rap / FR

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Thursday, July 5th