A tree with your name on the Eurocks campsite !

Eurocks Solidaires crowdfunding campaign

The Eurockéennes campsite, a tiny temporal republic of 18.000 inhabitants, is in full swing during 4 nights for a unique experience: on this lively place festival goers sleep (a bit), eat, watch concerts and above all share unforgettable moments with friends.


The campsite, epitome of the Eurockéennes spirit, recently moved on another campground. The festival wants to plant the new campsite with trees and so make it more comfortable. Les Eurockéennes appeal therefore  to the festival goers’ generosity to contribute to the campsite development and layout, in order to extend the shaded areas and improve the camper’s comfort.


The donations will allow the festival to plant 35 to 70 linden trees along the main paths of the campsite. These trees can grow up to 6 meters and provide a nice shade in summer. The 5.000 first euros will allow the festival to plant 35 linden trees along the main aisle of the campsite. The following 5.000 euros will allow the festival to plant 35 additional linden trees on the perpendicular paths.


Inser’vet, a social inclusion association from Belfort, will create textile sleeves, fixed on the trees props, with the possibility for the donator to personalize the tree (with a message, a name, etc)